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Timothy R. Botts portrait


Tim Botts was born to be an artist. And he has found that being an artist is the best way he knows how to express his deep-seated Christian faith. He uses his expressive calligraphy to creatively explore the message and meaning of the Scriptures. As one who reveres the Holy Bible as God’s words, Tim found that calligraphy became a natural link between his art and his faith. Through Tim’s unique vision, his art is transformed into visual prayers proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel.

Reflecting on his art, Tim observes that, "the tradition of calligraphy has historically been to celebrate the text by embellishing it. In addition to that worthy goal, I seek to portray the words so that the meaning is expressed visually - what I call word pictures. I use the principles of graphic design to aid in this communication - color, style, contrast, depth, symbolism and movement - to name a few." Tim continues saying, “In most of my work I am making word pictures – words expressed to look like what they mean – scripture reflecting what it says.” 

Tim describes his approach to calligraphy saying, “I especially enjoy echoing the variety I see in creation through the many styles of the Latin alphabet. Having a degree in graphic design, I learned many principles of design, common to all the arts, which help me communicate the meaning of great words. Also basic to my inspiration is to find those texts that inspire me to do my best work. At the top of the list is the Holy Bible. Meditating on its wisdom has its richest rewards. The frequent joy in my art comes from my personal journey with the gospel of Jesus!”

Tim worked for Tyndale House Publishers designing over 600 books before retiring in 2012. His own books include Doorposts, Windsongs, The Messiah, The Holy Bible: Botts Illustrated Edition, Portraits of the Word and Bound for Glory. He continues to fulfill creative commissions and is recognized as a master calligrapher teaching workshops in the United States and internationally. 

In 1997 Tim, his wife Nancy and their church friends Gordon and Sherrie Rogers forged an original vision for a Christian camp directed to artistically gifted teens. Out of this came Masterpiece Ministries, a summer camp held that has focused on helping high school students identify and develop their God-given gifts in the arts. Go to the to learn more and support the visual ministry of Tim and Nancy Botts.






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